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The LP is Dead
Format: CD
Released: November 2009
REF#: NFCD-027


Get ready: from the drummer of the legendary NYC group The Dictators comes No Fun Records' latest killer release "The LP Is Dead." As if that weren't enough, the album marks Thunderbolt Patterson's debut as a lead vocalist, while also laying down the rocking drum tracks he's known for. Thunderbolt Patterson is no less than a household name in the NYC punk rock scene, having played a main role in The Dictators and Manitoba's Wild Kingdom careers, yet having also played with everyone from Lemmy Kilmiester to Joey Ramone, and currently playing with Richard Lloyd of Television. "The LP Is Dead" is Patterson's first solo album, comprised of 11 original pure powerpop-punk gems that bleed the best of the Dictators/Heartbreakers NYC sound, composed and produced by the man himself. From the title track to the closing "Four Pair," "The LP Is Dead" delivers one powerpop hit after another in what could be the soundtrack to a wild party in the Big Apple. As the decade comes to an end, it's fair to say that "The LP Is Dead" is easily one of the best records of its genre to come out in the last 10 years. Thunderbolt Patterson's work is solid and spot on all around, guaranteed to make you want to listen, dance like a maniac, and put on repeat to hop around some more. "The LP Is Dead" is a pop punk knockout, and has arrived straight from the streets of Manhattan to put the power back into powerpop. Enjoy the ride.

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